Iiron kotisivut
Devil's Kin

This is a song that I started to record way back in 2003. I quite can't recall what stopped me from completing the recordings, was it me being too busy with school and everything or hardware/software compatibility issues, but whatever the cause this song has been cooking in my head for some years now. I recall thinking of the lead vocal melodies back in Eura where I was working for the summer as a butcher, killing chicken. The solo was all figured out too, and it's one of my favourites. Now that I got my software and hardware running and a few "test drive" -songs out of the way, I thought it was time for me to finish this one too.

The lyrics are mostly really old stuff too. The chorus was mostly written in 2003 with a few changes made now. This song is about wanting all the things you can't have, reaching for the unreachable. Don't know if you've noticed, but sometimes some things seem more appealing just because you can't have them, and you never seem to appreciate enough the things you already have.

This song was quite easy to record since the main idea had been clear in my head for so many years now. The only thing that I'm not satisfied is the composition; since the drums and most of the guitars had been recorded back in 2003, I couldn't really change the structure anymore although some ideas had come up. I really like the vocal melodies, the background vocals during the verses and the bridge is one of my best ones. What I would have changed is probably made the song a bit shorter, cut off some of the instrumental parts (the similar ones that the song starts with), and who knows, maybe added a modulation to the end... ;)

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