Iiron kotisivut
I Was Very Very Drunk

Yet another punk rock song written for No Talent during my creative period. This is a song that came out of nowhere one day - I was playing my guitar and came up with this really simple guitar riff. I thought to myself: "If you'd add some reverb to the snare and add a simple beat to the background, this would sound like something The Darkness could have written". So I took the snare, added some reverb, a simple beat and voilá - the song was almost complete ;)

The lyrics are about a traditional friday night. You drink too much and wake up from God knows where, can't remember anything, have a butt-ache, find some yoghurt from your back and five dollars in you hand - you've all been there... ;) It was fun writing the lyrics, since the No Talent lyrics don't always have to be that serious. Some of the rhyming's rather forced but it's ment to be that way, just so that people won't take the song too seriously. I think this would have to be the first song ever to have an inflatable sheep in the lyrics...

What about the outcome? To be honest, the song is VERY simple, even to be written by me. But I'd say the simple things work alright in this one. You notice how the second parts of the verses grow a little with the beat really kicking in and in the C-part the background lead guitars do whatever comes in mind - that's what I like about this song. Some of the solos turned out to be okay too (I came up with one of them during a surgical lesson of the abdomen)...

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