Iiron kotisivut
Homemade stuff
Here you can download all kinds of music I've recorded during the past years. Mostly demo material for my existing bands and some future projects...

Ode In Black
Ode In Black is a rock band where I play the guitar and do most of the songwriting. We've released an EP and are recording a full length album at the moment. And, of course, we're playing gigs all over Finland. Check it out!

Chevi Eye
Chevi Eye is a rockband I played guitar in 2003-2007. We recorded one full length album, "Vicious Intent" and played a whole bunch of gigs all over Finland.

Black Light Discipline
Black Light Discipline is an industrial metal band I used to play bass in. I played bass on the first album and played my first gigs abroad with this band.

Burning Winter
Burning Winter is a melodic heavy metal band, founded way back in 2001. I used to play guitar in the band, also did lead vocals in '06 for the EP "Sign Of Gods".

No Talent
No Talent is a punk rock band whose name says it all...

If you happen to be interested in what kind of music I'm into, check this out!